An Ambitious New Theatrical Trilogy

IN 1865, the South won the Civil War. The United States, though
defeated, abolishes slavery. The Confederate States continue on in
their way of life.

IN 1914, World War I erupts. The Union joins the fight. The Confederacy does not.

IN 1922, a young Confederate student named Thomas Williams
crosses the border to attend Harvard University. Thomas makes his
way in this new country, and slowly gets sucked into the rebel
underground of the abolitionist movement. In this uneasy era,
escaped slaves mix with flappers in Northern speakeasies,
Confederate and German agents forge an alliance to thwart The
League of Nations, and abolitionists sell bootlegged hooch to fund
their underground war.

AT PRESENT, the fringe elements of the abolitionist movement
have adopted a more extreme counter-slavery approach: young men
from the North are infiltrating the South, blowing themselves up in
debutante balls, on streetcars, and in picture houses. Panic grips
most confederate cities, and some wonder if a new war between the
States is soon at hand.


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